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Sharada Rai

Sharada Rai

Nickname:Miss sharada
DOB:June, 10

Fav. One Liner: learning and serving together.

Frequently Spotted at: Every Saturday at Haat lagne bazaar with her zoom recorder.

About Sharada

Sharada comes from native Okhaldhunga. She used to work as JTA who has field experience. She joined with Afno FM as presenter. She learned editing, recording and presenting the program. she also looks after the advertisement and visits different offices for collection and recording. She continued the HAATBAZZAR program which used to present by Binu Rai. Now she has two recorded program "health and cleaness (Swastha ra sarsafai) and haat bazzar. she also supports as technician. 

She has smiling face and friednly natuare. 

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